My friend’s story

Last time, we talked about the effects of parent’s divorce on children. Since people who gets divorce increases, I had several friends whose parents got divorced too. And today, I want to talk about one of them.

Her name was ‘Zoe’, from America and we got to know each other during 2 weeks of school trip to Czech Republic. Her parents got divorced when she was seven, due to the fact that he was addicted to alcohol. During two weeks of the trip, I noticed that she was having lots of scars in her mind and very affected by divorcements of her parents. I remember her saying that she never feels cold because when she was six, she was sleeping in bed and her dad, who was totally drunken, thought that she was a doll, threw her away outside from second floor. However she was alive because of snow which acting like a cushion saved her life.

Since seven, she didn’t get enough love and attention from her parents and this led to changes in her personality. When she was with friends, she always wanted to get attention from them, and if she could not, she was was cutting her self with a knife so that she can make others worry so that she could get attention.

I think everything depends on parents. Child’s personality, future, and even appearance! Of course if children get too much love and care, they becomes so selfish, but if there is lack of love, they often come up with symptoms like Zoe. I understand that although people don’t know what is going to happen, they should be considering deeply before they get a baby and before they get divorced, they should be asking question to themselves,  ‘can I be fully responsible for my child’s future? am I really making the right decision?’.


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