Effects of parents’ divorce on children

Most of the times, when parents divorce, there are huge effects on children and it is something that parents must worry about. However, most of the times, parents don’t have a clear idea of what exactly the psychological effects of divorce on their children may be.  So today, I prepared some of the effects that children get emotionally. (However, before reading it, you have to remember that they are potential effects, some apply to certain age groups more than others, and the extent of the emotional effects depends on a number of factors).

Fearful of being abandoned

From child’s perspective, the fact that a parent is no longer at home makes them feel abandoned. Children may be deeply afraid that the other parent is going to “disappear” too and leave them alone someday.


Children of divorce may feel rejected and unloved by the parent who has left.


Sometimes, some children blame themselves about their parents’ divorce, so they try to be a better child, or believe they have the power to wish their parents back again. However when they notice that they cannot make a difference, they often feel powerless.


Children of divorce may feel a huge sense of loss and sadness, believing that the absent parent has gone forever and that they no longer have a family.


During divorce, children may feel stressed and under pressure. Often, they are eager to help out and seem “grown up,” they may hide how stressed they really are.


Children of divorce may feel lonely. Lots of times, they miss the intimacy, comfort and particular parenting skills of the absent parent. The parent at home may be so stressed out with their own problems that they are not available to their children. The loneliness they feel may seek intimacy and comfort elsewhere, or become withdrawn.


Depression is not a direct emotional effect of divorce but a second stage, linked to other several emotions link to divorce such as sadness, loneliness, feeling rejected. Depression is a sign that children have not received the support they need to cope with these emotions.


Anger is a common emotional effect of divorce caused by lack of understanding or acceptance of the divorce, specific events and changes, emotions that children are not equipped to manage or express, and so on.

Those are the common effects that we can see from parents’ divorce. Therefore, I think what really important is constant love from parents


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