Family value

Family is the one thing that every person ever born has in common; you cannot born without father or mother whether you know them or not. If you grow up in an orphanage, you still have a family, although they are not blood-related; the children and adults you grew up knowing and interacting with are basically your “family”. In fact, strong family bonds are the secret to happy, well-balanced children and adults. When family is important to the adults in the family, it will become important to the children too.

The cycle is often repeated through generations. Children learn from their parents and that’s why they have huge responsibility when they form a new family. For example, let’s think about a family where drug and alcohol abuse or even domestic violence is often repeated. What do you think the children are going to be? Do you think they are going to be the same as children who grew from family with love and cares? According to a research, more than 92% of the children repeat the same thing as their parents did. So for children who faced frequent violence and abuse, they are likely to keep their wound forever in their heart and do the same thing to their children.



“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” -By Anthony Brandt-

Hello people. I’m Stella. My blog is about family and you are more than welcome to visit my blog and read anytime you want:)

So what is family? Different people may have different ideas about family, depending on how they were grew up, but if we think of the word, we can easily associate with people who always stand next to you and support whatsoever. However, still, there are lots of people who don’t know the importance of family and sometimes I am being part of them because when I have a problem, I often pass all my stresses to my them.

There are lots of kids who’s parents got divorced or might not have their own family and for most cases, they usually get influenced greatly in different ways both socially and mentally especially if they were grown in poor environment. For instance, I have a friend, who’s only staying with her mom since her parents got divorced when she was young and this changed her to become more affected and always wanted to get more attention from others.

I am not trying to distinguish and criticize them, but through this write up, I believe it can provide a great chance for me to learn more about family.

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