The causes of Divorce

Why do people love each other and get married and later they decide to divorce? Well, On this post,  I am going to talk about the three major reason that causes divorce. Of course there are  variety reasons, finance problem, emotional problem etc… But isn’t that what people worry even before the marriage?

First problem, communication. In order to make in simple, lets consider family is a ship and sailors are family members, then you will understand that it is important to communicate with everyone involved. Things need to happen when sailing and commands must be clear, timely, and acted upon. If there is a problem with marriage, and if you try to keep your mouth shut and worry about it, it is never going to be solved. In fact, few weeks ago when I was doing Sociology debate on marriage, I found out that people consider communication as the most important factor in marriage!!!

Second problem, finance. The most common case is when spoouse spends too much money without telling the partner. Couples who are relatively successful with their finances are less likely to argue and thus head towards divorce. There are some cases where the couples love each other so much, if they do not have enough money to sustain their own lives, unfortunately, the only way they can choose is divorce. 

Third problem, cheating! Some marriages are able to survive, but many of them don’t, so this is the reason why it is known as one of the leading casuses of divorce. In my case, I consider cheating as a thing which you should never do because no matter who was involved for how long and why, because it definitely causes pain to the other partner.


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