Advantages of divorce

The feelings popularly expected to be associated with a divorce are those of regret, sorrow, shock, sympathy and what not. People mostly tend to forget that a divorce is basically a remedial measure, mostly resorted to with the intention of improving the quality of life of the individuals concerned. Hence, what is considered to be a calamity may, in fact, be a way to happiness and liberation.

While tying the nuptial bonds, we rarely expect our marriage to end up in a fiasco. In fact, the word marriage is somewhat considered to be synonymous with love, joy, bliss, warmth, peace, etc. No married person ever looks forward to his or her own divorce. Yet, we will have to bear with the sad reality that marriages do occasionally end in divorces and what is even more astonishing is that the results often prove to be salubrious and wholesome. Contrary to the conventional mindset, a divorce could sometimes have valid advantages, depending upon the situation and circumstances of the individuals concerned.

Not all the marriages turn out to be happy and blissful. Things may go contrary to the wishes and expectations of one or both the spouses and their marriage may prove to be sour and lousy. People sometimes get trapped in unbearable marital situations. Nuptial bonds occasionally end up being so claustrophobic that they hamper the happiness and well-being of an unsuspecting spouse. Life partners sometimes turn out to be abusive and control freaks and, in such hopeless and sometimes life threatening situations, a divorce may be the only way out.

Given a chance, nobody wants his or her married life to be a frustrating conundrum. Yet, sometimes, despite the best efforts and intentions on the part of a person, his or her married life may turn out to be a miserable short story, threatening to end up in disaster and sorrow. In such a situation, a divorce gives an individual the much-coveted chance to begin again with a clean slate and start a fresh chapter in life.

Many a time, spouses come to realize after their marriage that both of them are utterly incompatible and that their marriage is marred by countless irreconcilable differences. It is not uncommon for married people to come across individuals whom they find very attractive and compatible, but are unable to proceed any further because of being stuck with an unhappy marriage. Under such circumstances, a divorce may give a person the chance to begin a new relationship with someone he or she had secretly admired all these years.

Bachelorhood is marked by a predominating sense of freedom and independence. An unmarried person is, to a great extent, the master of his or her own destiny and is not susceptible to any unwanted emotional influences or domestic responsibilities. Life is primarily a give-and-take affair. Most often, we willingly give up our youthful freedom to enter a marital arrangement, which we ardently expect to be satisfying and fulfilling in the long run. However, things may often turn out to be contrary to what we expect. In such a situation, a divorce gives us an opportunity to reclaim our life and to be our own boss once again.

A certain degree of freedom and space is vital to make way for personal growth and development in relationships. However, very often we come across circumstances where marital responsibilities become so overbearing that they deprive a person of his or her basic rights and liberties. Instead of being a source of peace and equanimity, a marriage becomes a reason for stress and tension. The things may deteriorate to an extent that the individual concerned may get overwhelmed with a sense of being trapped. In such a situation, a divorce may prove to be really helpful in restoring a person’s individual freedom and personal space.

All the adult relationships like marriage do have a financial side also. People do share and sacrifice their incomes and material assets to ensure the well-being of their families. Circumstances may give rise to scenarios where an individual may feel that he or she is not getting the expected satisfaction and attention which they deserve for their financial contribution to the family. In such a situation, a divorce certainly enables that person to get out of such unfair deal.

Thus, we see that many a time a divorce turns out to be a blessing, if the individual is yearning for a way out of an unhappy and unfair marital relationship.


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